Viaman Delay Wipes Review: Stop Orgasms too Soon

A moment of intimacy between you and your wife is extremely important. It should be satisfactory. Otherwise, one of you might be tempted to cheat. If you have premature ejaculation, there is no way you can satisfy her. The truth is that no woman enjoys very short-lived sexual intercourse.

It leaves her dissatisfied and wondering why sex with you has ended too fast. With Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Wipes, you can lengthen your sex sessions and orgasm after she has had a mind-blowing orgasm. Longer and pleasurable sex is what we all need and these wipes can make it a reality. They are compact and portable, enabling you to use them anywhere anytime.


Viaman Delay Wipes have a number of ingredients that are totally natural and organic. What is more, each ingredient has a key role it plays in ejaculation maintenance. If you have been hoping to pleasure her a little bit longer than you do, just make use of the numbing wipes. One thing they don’t do is numbing your penis head and shaft completely. If it were to do so, your penis would feel nothing and have sexual intercourse with her would be meaningless.

Luckily, ejaculation delay wipes triggers a slight numbing sensation that is potent enough to stop quick ejaculation. In addition to lengthening your sexual sessions, these wipes can boost your orgasms, making them more intense and stronger. Each wipe is sealed separately in a packet of six items. Thus, you can carry a few packets in your luggage when going away on a trip.

How It Works

First, you need to know that Viaman Delay Wipes are used just once. They are easy to apply and totally disposable. These wipes can be used without prior planning and the girl would never tell. They happen to be extremely discreet and private. Besides, their craftsmanship suits the way a man ejaculates naturally. They contain just the right formula to enable a man ejaculate when he has attained his goal. In short, it is impossible to apply more than you need per sex session.

If you truly need to prove yourself to a random lover, just make use of these delay wipes. They will not disappoint you. Compared to a bottle of spray or gel, wipes are more convenient to travel with. As well, it is easier to use than either a spray or a gel because you do not need to measure anything. One wipe is just right for one-time use.

The formula that causes your penis to stay erect and stronger for a longer period of time is in the wipe. Hence, you have to rub it in from the wipe so it can penetrate your penis skin. Despite being in the wipe, the formula does not grease or leave a staining residue behind. As a consequence, your partner cannot know when you have applied it to enhance your intimate sessions.

Note that the Viaman Delay Wipes do not hurt your sexual organ. They have absolutely no side effects unless you are allergic to something. Since you may not have any knowledge about the ingredients found in this product, we would advise you to perform a patch test. If it does not harm your forearm, your private part will not be harmed as well.

Simply put, just remove a wipe from its sachet and rub it up and down the shaft of your penis and then around the head. Apply this formula before making love to the one you love. Your sexual organ might feel tingly and cool. This feeling is caused by Menthy lactate when it arouses your penis.

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Viaman Delay Wipes contain a few ingredients that are totally organic. This is why they are termed as safe and efficient when it comes to boosting sexual performance and orgasms. These ingredients include the following:

  • Menthy lactate – Its work is to provide a soothing, cool sensation on the skin of your penis, enabling you to double your sexual gratification and pleasure.
  • Avena Sativa – This is an extract from the wild oat plant. This extract is known to enhance male sexual performance plus the fact that it is full of minerals and vitamins. Avena satina improves full body health.
  • Hypericum perforatum extract – Its work is to boost your sexual satisfaction by making your penis muscle contractions smoother. This is what delays your ejaculation.
  • Glycerin – It improves lubrication to make the act enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

There are quite a big number of customer reviews online regarding Vitamin Delay Wipes. The surprising part is that several users have just positive things to share about their wipes. To read as many reviews as possible, just search on Google. Don’t be amazed by the huge number of great comments shared online so far.


  • This product is compact enough to fit in small spaces such as bags, wallets, pockets or drawers. Thus, these wipes are portable and reliable no matter where you are.
  • They produce results very quickly, helping you enjoy sex.
  • These Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay wipes are easy to dispose after use.
  • The wipes are super clean, as they leave no greasy residue after use.
  • The wipes are perfect for when you must have spontaneous intimate sessions.
  • They can be delivered very fast if you order from a reputable source in the UK.
  • Just one wipe per session is enough.


  • Some men might not like the tingly sensation created by Menthy lactate.


The Viaman Ejaculation Control Wipes are super reliable when having sexual acts on the go or when having gun planned sex. They are also very useful when making love to the woman in your life and you want to avoid embarrassing situations. The formula penetrates the penis skin very quickly, enabling you to enjoy intense pleasure and longer sexual sessions. Once you buy one box, it will consist of 6 Viaman delay wipes that you could utilize six times. No matter how often you use the formula, it will never be noticeable and visible. There is truly no one who can tell that you have applied it on your penis head and shaft. Hence, our Verdict is that the Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Wipes are effective. They a must-buy product if you want to boost your sexual activities.

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