Viaman Delay Spray Review: Cure Premature Ejaculation

The majority of men are unable to control their ejaculations effectively each time they have sexual intercourse. So, if you have been having pre-mature ejaculation, you should know you are not alone. Also, you should do something about your problem rather than let it depress you. The best of all solutions is none other than the Viaman Delay Spray. It is a UK-based product that could offer better control of your ejaculation by delaying it.

Additionally, the Viaman Delay Spray can make you last longer in bed, enabling you to satisfy your special lady. It lengthens your erection time by reducing the sensitivity of your sexual organ. When you spray it on your penis, the spray just disappears into the skin. As a result, the significant other cannot tell that you have used something to improve your sexual performance.


Viaman spray for delaying ejaculation is designed for men who ejaculate too soon. We all know what quick ejaculation means to women. A man who ejaculates too fast leaves his lover disappointed and unhappy. Hence, such a male should buy the first Viaman Delay Spray online. It is not as messy as other sprays on the market. In addition, this product does not numb the nerves of your penis causing you to miss the fun from the intercourse.

Instead, you are supposed to spray a little spray onto the head and shaft of your organ. Since it is a light and clear formula, it gets absorbed into the skin. As a result, the Viaman Delay Spray does not mess your bed sheets or your partner’s body. There are no drugs in it that help with ejaculation control. This product is safe and natural too. It is herbal, and that’s the reason why it doesn’t numb your organ. As well, natural ingredients are void of drugs that are known to reduce your sexual enjoyment.

How It Works

As we have hinted above, this product is designed to holdup your ejaculations. When you want to have sex, ensure that you spray this product two to five times over your manhood. It has to cover the whole penis to work as designed. Once you spray, do not massage your penis head and shaft so the spray can get into the skin. It will vanish by itself, saving you the hassle of dealing with unneeded mess.

To use it successfully, ensure that you spray before intercourse. If you do not want your partner to notice, you may excuse yourself to go use the lavatory or to use another room in your home. By the time you are back she won’t even notice a funny smell or greasy feeling. She can even give you oral sex without noticing a thing.

The spray will dry quickly, making your penis skin look normal. Once it works, you will last longer in bed and satisfy your partner. With this spray you can still use condoms to protect yourself from venereal diseases. Are you sick and tired of not offering great sex due to a quick ejaculation? If so, try this spray solution.

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You may wonder why the Viaman Delay Spray works. It is simply because of the high quality ingredients the manufacturer has added to it. These include the following:

  • Glycerin
  • Aqua
  • Hypericum Perforatum Extract
  • Caprylyl Glycol
  • Laureth-9
  • Avena Sativa Extract
  • Alcohol Denat
  • Menthyl Lactate
  • Polysorbate 20

Customer Reviews

The main concern any shopper would have is whether the Viaman Delay Spray is safe. If you are not allergic to any of the above-mentioned ingredients, you will use this spray just fine. There are many prior users who just love it because it got rid of their disgrace. If you are looking to boost your sexual prowess and performance, without hurting your penis, this delay spray is a great pick.

Just to clear your doubts, consider reading a few customers reviews about it. As you will realize, most guys are happy with the progress they made after buying this spray. As a consequence, they would advise you to also get your product.


  • With Viaman Delay Spray, you can extend your ejaculation and boost your sexual pleasure for yourself and partner.
  • You could easily get rid of the greasiness and staining caused by other similar sprays by using this one.
  • This spray dries very quickly without leaving behind a residue. As a result, it keeps your bodies and bedding clean.
  • It should be used a few minutes before sex, yet its effects are instant. Your partner will be amazed.
  • It comes from Viaman, an already known UK brand.
  • As it is a water-based sexual performance enhancement product, you can use it with a condom or without. As well, you can get oral sex while still wearing it.
  • It comes with a freebie — Viaman delay wipe.
  • It’s affordable than most similar products out there.


  • We didn’t find anyone who regretted ever buying this spray to increase their sexual performance and duration.


Any adult man can face premature ejaculation. This is such a shameful thing to happen to anyone. It can damage your self-worth as a man and make you lose your courage when having intercourse. Thus, you may be best using an ejaculation control product like Viaman Delay Spray. It is safe to apply this product on your manhood, as it does not cause rashes or any other side-effect. Since all ingredients are plant-based, it will be almost impossible to suffer a side effect.

As well, we love this product because it does not make your penis head or shaft too sensitive and numb. These are the worst sensations you would wish for when having sex. They would decrease the sexual gratification, of course. Viaman Delay Spray doesn’t numb the nerves that ensure your sexual enjoyment. Instead, it evaporates fast so you can begin doing one of the most pleasurable activities on earth. Our verdict is that this spray is wonderful. You should buy it.

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