Viaman Capsules Review: Get Better in The Bed

Viaman capsules are among the newest most successful male organ enhancement solutions. Rather than help just one area of your sex life, Viaman pills are designed to offer numerous advantages. All you have to do is to swallow one pill per day.

The pill is easy to swallow and does not cause unwanted side effects. What’s more, Viaman will enhance your penis, give you hard and strong erections, and boost your libido. If you are keen on this topic, you may have seen Viaman ads in magazines. The product got an adult Product of the Year award nomination back in 2013. So it is now a recognized and acceptable solution to men’s sexual issues.

Since you just take one pill, you can keep up with the dosage without getting bored or forgetting to take it.


Before you buy your first bottle, it is good to know what Viaman is in actual fact. Viaman is a male enhancement pill created with herbal extracts. It is aimed to get rid of sexual problems faced only by men. Hence, this capsule can boost your sexual performance and enlarge your penis.

It goes without saying that either having a smaller than average penis or inability to perform sexually causes untold embarrassment to males. In addition to injuring their ego, sexual under-performance dents a man’s self esteem. It might cause him to avoid females.

With Viaman capsules you can say goodbye to awkward bedroom moments. They will increase your length and girth and boost your erection’s strength and duration. What more can a man ask for?

How These Capsules Work

One embarrassing problem shared by males of all races and cultures is a penis size. According to reliable studies, there are about forty-five percent of males who dislike the size of their manhood. If you think this is serious, there are a more men who have erectile issues. Some victims have pre-mature ejaculation while others can’t get it up and hard at all. These are the problems that the manufacturer of the Viaman pill seeks to finish once and for all.

In addition to adding to the size of your organ, this capsule will also increase the blood flow to it. Then it will become harder and stronger when erect. It is super easy to use your pills. All you should do is swallow one pill every single day. Once you do that, wait for the vital body organs to make good use of the pill’s natural blend of ingredients.

Each bottle has 30 pills, meaning that you will complete a dose after a month. It is recommended not to miss even a single dose for wonderful results. As a complete course is only 30 days, you should make an effort to keep up. This is definitely a small sacrifice to make if you honestly want to be a vigorous lover in bed. Viaman pills are easy to take with food or after eating.

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In this part, we will mention the main ingredients of Viaman capsules. It has seven main ingredients that make it the most powerful male organ enhancement pill. Here they’re:

L-arginine; 100mg – This is an amino acid that occurs freely in your body. The body uses it to make NO (Nitric Oxide). If you are wondering why NO even matters, its work is to widen and dilate your blood vessels. When dilated, vessels carry more blood and some of it enters the male sexual organ and hardens it.

L-Lysine; 100mg – Besides helping your body make more protein, which you obviously need during your body building efforts, L-Lysine boosts the production of testosterone. This is a sexual hormone that is dominant in males.

Fenugreek; 400mg – We could say that this is the potent ingredient in these capsules. A whooping 400mg are added to boost the production of testosterone.

Acetyl N-Carnitine; 100mg – The work of this ingredient is to support the metabolism of fatty acids. Hence, it has been shown to support weight loss, which is good for your sexual performance.

Zinc; 14mg – Zinc is one of the nutrients you need to increase your blood flow. And once your blood flow increases, your sexual prowess and stamina will get better.

Maca Root; 200mg – This root is associated with the age-old Incas. Their warriors used to eat maca root to get more energetic and stronger.

L-Citruline Malate – The main work of this one is to reduce fatigue. If your body feels too tired, you will most likely avoid sexual intercourse with your partner. But when you take your Viaman pill, the L-Citruline Malate will get rid of fatigue for you.

Customer Reviews

Of all the reviews one can find online about these pills, the majority are positive. Hence, Viaman capsules’ users unanimously agree that they really work. Some older people beyond fifty years have found success with this pill. Their main reason for liking it is its safety and organic and natural status. As a result, we could say that Viaman pills are life-changing products. They are just what you need to face ladies with enough confidence when it comes to sexual performance.


  • Viaman can give you stronger, longer and harder erections.
  • If your sexual moods are always down, this pill can improve them.
  • These pills are now very recognized and they have appeared in Men’s Fitness and FHM magazines.
  • These are totally organic pills that do not cause any horrible side effects.
  • Meets very high GMP standards— followed in the UK.
  • Ideal for adult men of all ages.


  • A single dose is relatively expensive. However, savings are real as you increase the package.


Viaman capsules are your last resort. Do you know why? It is simply because the pills are designed to solve several issues at once. Hence, you can enlarge the size of your organ and at the same time improve your erections and overall sexual performance. All these benefits are assured without any side effects or safety concerns. As a consequence, our final verdict is that they work and you should get your first dosage today.

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